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Asad on Monday, April 8 9:48 pm. In a situation of scarcity – a hungry man will be motivated to work hard and do manual labour and do work that he may dislike completely – even if he is tired because that will earn him the money to buy the food necessary for survival. One thing that motivates me is when the teacher is actually interested in what they are talking about. You could quickly) look for a quote at the beginning of each study session and write it on a sticky note to keep next to you. I come to school so I’m not bored even though I’m bored most of the time. For example, if money motivates you and you make a lot of it, you can give a portion of it away to causes that important to you. 38. No matter how many motivational posts or quotes you read, if you’re not going to start doing those tasks then nothing’s going to happen. I am not really motivated to learn when the topic is boring and/or I am tired or having a bad day. Circumstance, specific aspects of my past and specific goals. I am motivated to learn by my future. Noida Campus I push my self to learn more in drama due to i want to be an actor, but if it gets down to it. i enjoy learning. Find out how to tackle this tricky graduate job interview question and what employers really want to find out when they ask it. If the teacher starts talking like the teachers in Charlie Brown, that’s when I’m ready to go home. I feel like we get too many things to do sometimes it seems like busy work and when i’m spread so thin i lose all motivation to learn and only get it done to get it done and get the grade. I get motivated when there’s a goal for me to reach that i’m actually interested in. Meeting deadlines may depend on the learning style of the online student. Personally, I think the best type of motivation is interest, it doesn’t feel like work when I’m enjoying what I’m doing. I’m motivated to learn when I can easily see how the material will help me specifically. Have time changed your view, or do you still feel the same? Some of the different characteristics a online learner will display during their studies may vary from student to student. But this is something you can change, especially if you really do want to enter a particular field. I am most motivated to learn when I can tell the teacher is thoroughly, and strongly passionate about what they’re teaching. By Jack McCormack-Noonan on November 26, 2018 facebook; twitter; An international education can be fun, it can develop you as a person and it can set you up for an excellent future. Motivation is the one of the best essential skills of manager. The difference between a stumbling block and a stepping-stone is how high you raise your foot. I want to not limit my options in after high school education and my career, so good grades are the way to achieve that. I've asked this question a LOT as a recruiter and heard a variety of answers, good and bad. when i am interested in a subject we are learning in class i get more interested and a good teacher. Badges: 20. It would take too many nerves and energy and won’t bring you anything. Honestly school is just a thing to kinda do with my time so i ain’t bored. At school, more specifically high school, I’m not motivated to learn for the sake of learning anymore. If you do know you motivation though definitely let me know what motivates you to go to school and where in these categories you fall. What motivates me is when a class is made enjoyable by a teacher who is not only willing to change something about their lesson to better help a student in need, but also keeps everyone engaged and having fun. The theories we’ve discuss in this chapter address different outcome variables. You can do more when you know more things. By understanding the characteristics of the student and understanding what motivates the learner will help the student achieve great success as a online learner. Take some time to get clarity around your end goals. I know a “good” teacher is a somewhat broad term, but I’ve been lucky to get mostly “good” teachers throughout my education. Most of the time its just a general interest in the topic but when we are getting lectured about something it’s pretty boring… I think like playing different types of trivia games or something like that but mostly its the things that we get to do with the good grades . I have to have a passionate teacher who wants ALL their students to succeed. Honestly, who wants to go to school all day and then have a couple hours of homework? I really want be successful and have a future that I’m content with. Also, coffee motivates me as well to stay awake in classes and focus. Please join the conversation. TABLE OF CONTENT To become a prospective manager, we should know the important of motivation, how to motivate the employees effectively. (A CASE STUDY OF CASE STUDY OF COCACOLA KWANZA COMPANY DAR ES SALAAM TANZANIA) The main point is, I am motivated by learning because L enjoy it and it will also help me in the long run. Getting started is probably the hardest thing to do but it is the most important part. If what motivates you is to teach students who struggle with learning, don’t just say you are motivated to help all children learn. Being a student can be difficult and its sometimes hard to get the motivation you need to learn. You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there. But let me understand your question like you look for inspiration and motivation to complete a hard task (like studying or writing a boring essay). scenario... Whenever I feel really unmotivated in school, I try to focus on the things I still really like. Specifically for me, not only is it the interest but also the amount of time I spend on it. You could create a small list you can refer to when you need a boost. Being lazy and procrastinate hard or tedious tasks is something everybody does from time to time. Due dates motivate me. Another factor would be grades. Maslow looks at how rewards can help motivate people, knowing that some needs must occur before others. He has a way of engaging the the students in his lesson and a way to make history actually seem fun (which is a miracle in itself). Add a story that links to when you first discovered your passion and why. I. Fun? You usually don’t want to learn something if is boring, or repetitive. its service in the local newspaper. Maybe you enjoy having the ability to assist others or putting your creative skills to use. I am motivated to learn because if I get bad grades then I wouldn’t get into collage and make minimum wage forever. I’m also motivated to achieve many things in the long run, to accomplish this I will need to get good grades, so that I can get into a good college. Whenever you’re lacking motivation, read the quote, embrace the message then crack on. Motivation is tricky to maintain long-term but in the short-term a few motivational and inspirational quotes can be just what you need. Human behavior will lead to achieving significant results, as a manager and for the company. Before you start studying try listening to something that pumps you full of energy. What Motivates Students to Study Abroad? Overall, I find it fairly easy to become motivated to learn. I want to know how my learning in school will help me later in life. If you present something, even something fairly boring, in an interesting way people will be engaged and want to learn. Also if a teacher tries to motivate people through the fear of consequences (bad grades, some kind of punishment) I think people are less motivated and the teacher ends up being seen as the bad guy or like some great evil (Eye of Sauron style). Life wise though, wanting to do well and not having any kinds of restrictions, plus the fact that I could take pride in knowing I had good grades and did well in school is always something I thought would be pretty cool. You might have less desire to study. Dedication and hard work is tough but if you have the right mind set, you can truly do anything. I think a thing that motivates people is how the learning is presented. The most important thing to understand, if you want to motivate yourself to study, is procrastination. I believe the same. Note on comments. I just think in those cases: “What is the point of this?” The more a topic interests me, the greater the chance that I will try and not just go through the motions. I want to go to college and have a good job and life. You know you want to do well at university, right? In general, I am always motivated to learn because I want to succeed. What really motivates me to learn is topics that I have a genuine interest in. owners are struggling to recruit new workers. In following of that, it makes me have more respect for the teachers and actually enjoy learning from them. I don’t have many motivators in my life but one of my more stronger ones is college. However, what motivates you now may change (slightly or drastically) as you progress into your medical studies. I am motivated to learn because I have to keep my grades up to stay on the cheerleading squad and i also dont want to disappoint my parents. . ), What motivates me to learn? Follett helped define some of the concepts of the self-managed teams, worker empowerment, and interdepartmental teams. I am motivated to learn because if I have bad grades my parents wont let me do fun stuff like sports or hangout with friends. I truly enjoy reading, researching, and being taught about these subjects. There are several different learning styles to understand, including what may motivate the student to learn. If teachers are grouchy and not excited to teach their students, it’s hard to get the students interested in what is being taught and they just lose the motivating to learn. . Teachers that encourage me and supports me in the things I do not only inside of school but outside. When we ask for more real life learning not word problems in math like “you are diving at 75 miles per hour and someone else is driving at 35 miles per hour when will you meet in the center?” that is nice to know but I, as well, would much rather spend time learning how to do taxes then have to spend money on someone else with the job I don’t know how to get. Parents and friends are the main reason I try in school. I will feel more motivated if we try and apply our learning to real life more often. But if teachers try to motivate them by building a positive relationship with their students the students will want to learn (like Obi-Wan or Gandalf except less mysterious and usually less bearded, but if you had a Gandalf beard I would definitely want to learn from them on the off chance I would actually be learning from Gandalf because that would be flipping amazing. I hope to get those things from that year and repeat them these next years to have an successful high school career. Summary in chapter 6 Being forced to take classes doesn’t motivate me to learn. In this section, I would like to summary the basic concept theories. I am motivated by my own personal career goals and what I want out of life, and good grades are a must in the competitive path i have chosen for myself. Student’s code: 10DH40289 what motivates me to learn is if i have a good teacher and if im around people that are also motivated to learn thats a reason why im in honors. I am a very motivated in school because i know the outcome and positive consequences, but you can’t make someone love something they don’t. I had my best cross country season ever and had spot on grades. A teacher, for example, may draw motivation from helping students learn something new and witnessing them excel. What motivates me is the fate of my future. Although, this year I feel was the most supportive from the students and definitely shows that we have school spirit and support sports that aren’t our own. Video: watch our vloggers direct from campus . What motivates kids to do well in school and other areas of their lives? What motivates me to learn is a teacher who is motivated to teach the class and very enthusiastic about the subject they teach. It makes it easier as a student to get engaged in the lesson. Also, to learn and get a lot out of a class I have to have respect for the teacher. College is critical because you have to have certain requirements and so many accomplishments that it motivates me to learn and motivates me to accomplish my goals. A little bit of fun helps too. Using technology. Not for learning sake and pure curiosity. When they are interested in a topic or lesson, I become focused and motivated as well. There are so many things going on in the world that people do every day and in school we just wont learn. Its tiring and stressful. Out of this whole entire paragraph, what motivates me most is people who support me and believe in me. What motivates me to learn is my parents and grades because I think doing well in school will help the future although doing well in school may not always be that easy. I apologize for the randomness of this comment. I have had so many classes where the teacher seems as, if not more, uninterested as the students. They continue to say that a song has the power to motivate studying because it causes a spirit of optimism that evokes the powerful feeling of being able to accomplish anything. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), The Power of the Pass: Project 180, Day 79, The Hidden Life of Students: Project 180, Day 75. I am motivated by my parents, teachers, and also my friends. Our top 6 study tips on how to motivate yourself to study 1. Several things motivate me to study.. JS. I want to succeed in life for myself and for my parents, and to do that i need a good, long-lasting education. Having a large punishment for not doing work will only spark my competitive side and I tend to think, “you think you can tell me what to do? I think as a student, my motivation to learn comes from solely wanting to do well in life, but as an individual I just like to know more. The more interesting and fun learning is to me is when i’m most motivated to learn that specific subject or thing. In the chapter 6, I have learnt the motivation concepts from theories to practical. A great example of this kind of teacher is Mr. Arensmeyer, our world history teacher (even though his class is very hard and a lot of work). Learning styles are defined a a set of characteristics which make learning effective for a individual (Honisfeld & Dunn, 2006). Visual learners will use images, pictures, or graphs in order to visualize the content they are learning. Give them goals and reward them, letting them know that natural smarts don’t matter. What’s the point of learning if you aren’t interested? People often find it helps to think back to a time in their past when they felt really excited and committed to doing something that they wanted to do, and remember the toughest part in studying is getting started. What motivates me to learn is being personally challenged, and having a good teacher, who is willing to take the time to answer questions, but isn’t over explanatory. the remaining employees has also increased over the last six months. Tactual learners are more of the emotional learner. Student life, in partnership with UEA. I really appreciate it when teachers try to work with me, not against me, and they seem interested in what we’re learning as well. To sum it up even more, they’re trying to figure out exactly how you view and approach success and what drives you. What motivates me the most is when I have a wide range of options to choose from when I’m doing projects and presentations. The pain you feel today is the strength you will feel tomorrow. Mayo helped draw attention to the importance of the social beings and how managers who use good human relations can improve worker productivity. 1.2 Company Profile 4 A Research Proposal Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of Bachelor of Human resources Management of Tumaini University Makumira-Dar es salaam College. Some theories of motivation have focused on what things motivate workers. Also when people believe in me, especially role models like teachers, motivates me to do the best I possibly could be. The thing that motivates me to learn is knowing that the things I do today and within the next couple years will help me be able to have super neat experiences in the future. 3.3 Significance of the study 17 But not necessarily for myself anymore. Munsterberg research help leads to the field of industrial psychology, which is the study of human behavior in the workplace. In order to find out what motivates us, we must first take a step back and realize what motivation is. Supervisor: Dr. J. Mwita IMPACT ASSESSMENT OF EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION ON ORGANISATION PERFORMANCE: What i find that motivates me to learn is my parents because they are always pushing me to get good grades and do good in school. For example, learning about mitosis/meiosis in Biology didn’t exactly interest me. This can mean they are not always intrinsically motivated to master a specific subject and may rely on extrinsic … Not large work loads. My best motivation comes from genuine interest, or simply wanting to do my best. I’m not a procrastinator, but I don’t like work piling up. in a job interview. Whether the teacher cares or not sort of reflects how much I care about the subject. I enjoy lessons that get me involved and excited to learn. i do it ’cause i want to. Instead of forcing the stereotypical way of life down their throat, show them why they should care. It can also be a challenge to figure out the best way to respond. “Why do you want to study Medicine?” The one question that is very likely to come up in your interview. :O. I am motivated to learn. It could change my opportunities given to me now and in the future. Learning online offers the student flexibility and convenience of leaning at their own pace as well as on their own schedule. 2015 II. The only time that I am motivated is when I feel like it is a benefit. I love to learn because i’ve always enjoyed knowing how things work, or how to do them. Although, I do believe that with the right teacher, I can find anything interesting. 51-year-old woman gives birth to her granddaughter. That gives me the motivation for my other classes. For example, being told “You can’t do that” or “that’s too hard”, will instantly trigger the response, “Watch me, I’ll prove you wrong.” OMARI RAHA SHEDRACK McGregor suggested managers have two types of attitudes; either "X" or "Y." However, learning about engineering/graphic design/languages, does interest me. l am also motivated if I am interested in the topic it will make me feel better knowing more about it. 3.1 Objectives of the study 16 Well, you are in the right place. Being able to take classes because I want to take them not because i need to take them for credits. Perks,social recognition, and respect associated with any particular task at hand motivates me to completely dwell into it and successfully accomplish it whether it be studies or other work. Not praise or rewards, it turns out. I am also extremely motivated to learn about the subject because my teacher takes his genuine interest in the topic an shares his passion for it with us. Right now I am strughling with that though, but it is almost summerbreak, luckily:). I am motivated by short term and long term consequences, be it achieving positive goals or avoiding negative results. I will still do the assignment, but only because I have to, not because I want to, or am motivated to. I am motivated by my teachers, friends, and family.

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