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GPPR publishes online articles, data visualizations, and podcasts year-round. GradGov is the chief representative body for all graduate students on campus. European Horizons (EuH) is the only transatlantic student run Think Tank that has more than 50 chapters at universities across the world. We work to further LGBTQA issues within the community, partner with the MSB Admissions and Career Services Offices to expand LGBTQA involvement, and host monthly events to create an accepting, welcome atmosphere at MSB. We’re sponsor leading research papers, which enables our students to become published authors on topics such as blockchain, financial inclusion, and big data. Partners find the association to be a breath of fresh air as we are all experiencing many of the same life changes – moving to a new geographic location, finding new jobs, getting married, having children, and balancing all of the changes for two lives. Graduate Clubs. All are welcome. We sponsor speakers, collaborative workshops, networking opportunities, and educational events to bring together SCS students, SCS alumni and the Georgetown … Georgetown FinTech aims to foster a community passionate about startups, venture capital, and organizations leveraging technology to transform the financial services industry. On the cultural side we would like to introduce European culture to students that have had little to no previous experiences. (new window). Car Barn, Suite 400 Georgetown Quantitative Models (GQ Models) hosts events focused on quantitative methodologies for social science research. The Biology Organization of Graduate Students (BOGS) supports doctoral students in the Georgetown University biology department. Our intention is to make the graduate students’ experience (both academic and social) in this department as fruitful as possible, while allowing students to bring their own energies and ideas to bear in the GSPSO. Through talks, happy hours, embassy visits, networking panels, frequently accompanied by the taste of regional cuisine, PREEA fosters intellectual discussion and puts the spotlight on this region among the Georgetown community. The purpose of this organization is to increase the dialogue around science and technology issues, including ways in which those issues intersect and enhance other fields of study. In order to facilitate this interaction, periodic meetings with the students’ representatives have been established as well as informational meetings for all graduate students. The Club is leveraging Georgetown’s strategic location in D.C. to build strong relationships with industry leaders such as Hilton, Marriott, Choice, HOST, Park, and others. The Club publishes two print publications (now also available online). European Horizons convenes an annual European Student Conference at Yale University, hosts a Fall Policy Convention, Spring Forum and Youth Summit, publishes research and policy papers through its academic journal, The Review of European and Transatlantic Affairs (RETA), and organizes happy hours and networking events. Mission: To provide an educational forum for students, faculty, and staff interested in wine and to provide intra-McDonough School of Business networking opportunities. We seek to generate spaces for dialogue and exchange of ideas (e.g. The Graduate School North Carolina State University 1020 Main Campus Drive, Room 2300A Campus Box 7102 Raleigh, NC 27695-7102 Hoyarn is a knitting and crafting club open to anyone who would like a safe and creative space practice (or learn) their craft. The objectives of the Japan Society are to serve the community’s academic and professional needs, to improve recognition and the reputation of Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business in Japanese business society, and to support the club members’ academic and professional activities after graduation. The programs offer students access to Georgetowns distinguished faculty and unique opportunities in the nations capital. Together, we engage in a constructive dialogue that will propound a platform of ideas for reforming the European Union and setting a policy vision for its future. In addition to organizing program-wide social activities, MSFS Reps also are responsible for addressing issues of concern or requests from the student body to the leadership team and identifying solutions in partnership with the leadership team to enhance the overall student experience. Energy and environmental concerns are among the most important challenges facing policy makers today. Methods Lab (MethLab) is a student-run laboratory established for the purpose of providing a space beyond the classroom to exchange ideas, share code, receive feedback, learn modern research methods, and foster a culture of open science in empirical psychology and cognitive neuroscience at Georgetown University. Members of the Asia Business Consortium consist of students with either a regional background or interest in Asia, bringing diversity and unique perspective to the McDonough School of Business. The board consists of the following positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Academic Chair, Social Chair and a Class Representative for each cohort. In Latin, we say cura personalis [care for the entire person] which means that whether we’re learning, recruiting, traveling, networking, or starting a company, we will help students access the resources they need to maximize their potential. Georgetown Korea Business Association (GKBA) is a student organization for Georgetown MBA students interested in both cultural and business aspects of Korea. Greater China Business Association (GCBA)’s mission is to increase awareness and understanding of greater China markets and business landscapes among MSB/MBA students. Graduate Student Clubs at Georgetown Graduate Spanish and Portuguese Student Organization. Our vision is to build Georgetown’s Human Capital brand so that our school becomes a premiere supplier of human capital talent to the business world. The Georgetown Partners Association is a social and professional networking organization for the spouses and significant others of Georgetown students. ), and so forth as determined by the executive board. Federal, state, and local lawmakers will all face policy choices related to climate change in the coming years. P. 202-687-5974 As an authorized student organization at Georgetown University, CSSA has access to many great university benefits, including funding, web hosting, event space, etc. Activities of the club include bridging the Georgetown MBA Program and Japanese business community in Washington, introducing Japanese business issues and culture to the Georgetown MBA community, promoting Georgetown presence and status among Japanese business school applicants, building a strong relationship and interactive network with alumni throughout the world, and researching jobs, managing job information, and assisting students in job searches. It provides a venue in which graduate students have the opportunity to present and discuss their research projects, hold academic workshops, and participate in roundtable discussions, with the aim of encouraging discussions among graduate students and professors over their research and its contribution to the scholarship in the field, as well as for the discussion of works-in-progress by more advanced scholars. The Medical Center Graduate Student Organization (MCGSO) is a student-run organization that includes all Biomedical Graduate Education (BGE) students at Georgetown University. We aim to promote awareness of issues and policies pertinent to doctoral students, and to facilitate communication and collaboration between doctoral students in diverse programs, disciplines, and career stages, as well as between doctoral students and other populations on campus. Whether you are looking to move to Europe after graduation, want to work for a European multinational in the US, or just want to try European culinary specialties with people that share a love for European culture, this club is for you! The fund is currently valued over $450,000. We are particularly interested in work that explores interconnectedness of Africans on the continent and beyond, investigates the history of its peoples and societies from innovative perspectives, or that analyzes how Africa has been both influenced and helped shape regional and global economic, political, and social processes. We organize several activities during the academic year such as seminars, movie screenings or panels on topics related with the continent. Sacred Encounters will offer graduate students from across Georgetown’s various schools and departments an opportunity to engage with interesting and important questions of interreligious life (such as multiple religious belonging and religion’s role in the public sphere) with no barriers to participation. The MENA Forum serves to raise awareness about pressing issues in the Middle East and North Africa amongst the Georgetown University community, and to help foster graduate student engagement with faculty and policy professionals involved in these issues. Our purpose is to help further connect partners with the Georgetown community. The objective of the Graduate Association for Students of Psychology (GASP) is to promote discussion, learning, and exploration of new ideas by the graduate students and faculty within the Psychology Department at Georgetown. Georgetown FinTech hosts a monthly speaker series, career treks to NY & SF, career days, the DC Blockchain Summit, and a number of other large scale events that attract hundreds of industry experts to campus! The Healthcare Business Alliance (HBA) is a student organization encompassing all Georgetown graduate students who are interested in the healthcare industry. Georgetown Women in International Affairs (GWIA) is a student-led organization dedicated to increasing the visibility of women in international affairs and developing quality leadership among our graduate students. The organization looks to promote and encourage an inclusive, welcoming community, and assist its members in growth through personal, social, and career development. As an organization, we strive to increase the visibility of women in the policy arena both inside and outside of the immediate Georgetown University community. It has been established for more than one decade. Clubs and Organizations. One of the perks of the job involves handling Jack at the basketball games downtown. Any medical student enrolled at Georgetown can start a club by submitting and presenting a proposal of the tentative club to the Executive Council for a vote. You see it in the way we own our many differences. Africa and the World Group The Africa and the World Group promotes discussion, research, and intellectual engagement among graduate students with an interest in Africa at Georgetown. Yet these perspectives are so rarely placed into conversation with one another with the goal of enriching scholars and policymakers understanding of the continent’s history, society, and pressing challenges. We sponsor speakers, collaborative workshops, networking opportunities, and educational events to bring together SCS students, SCS alumni and the Georgetown … The campus engagement platform for Georgetown University - Powered by CampusGroups. The SFS Energy Club also aims to foster links with the professional energy community in Washington, D.C. and around the world. The club’s mission is to engage members into a community of innovative thinkers, provide opportunities for building in-demand skills in design thinking and expose the graduate community to design-focused resources at Georgetown and within the DC area. All full-time graduate students gain access to the Yates Center and all of its amenities with the Yates Fieldhouse Membership fee included in their tuition. SABA also promotes the South Asian culture with MSB by hosting and promoting cultural events throughout the year. GGAIS regularly meets to discuss new developments in the field, debrief on conferences, and provide feedback on one another’s ongoing research and paper drafts. These may include how to: ensure coastal cities are resilient in the face of rising sea levels and storm surge, address reduced water supply in agriculture, find new sources of power that ensure an operational electric grid during natural disasters, increase energy efficiency in industrial, commercial, and residential sectors, address public health concerns by improving air and water quality, secure a sustainable food supply for growing populations, and much more. Georgetown University is a private Jesuit research university in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Georgetown University Graduate Association of Mexican Students (GUGAMS) gathers Hoyas interested in Mexico and its culture. Students also develop connections in class working on projects or simply sharing thoughts on common interests. Food and Health Research at McCourt (FaHRM) is dedicated to bringing in leading professionals and stakeholders across food and health policy both on the domestic front and the international to Georgetown for discussion and speaking engagements. Collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches to graduate education and research in service to society. The Jewish Business Alliance is the official organization in charge of leading the Israel-Trek and every year brings a select group of MSB students on a 10-day Trek to Israel over Winter break. speaker series, panels, and networking events) that will provide the members of GUGAMS the chance to engage with Mexican current affairs and culture. The school graduates about two thousand undergraduate and postgraduate students annually. Located at the center of our nation’s capital, Georgetown FinTech will engage global leaders in government, business, technology, and society. Graduate Student Research. Graduate Program Cost of Attendance The average cost of attendance budgets for graduate programs can be accessed by clicking the respective academic year in the area below. Georgetown is one of the region’s academic hubs. The Georgetown Political Risk Group was established to provide educational and networking opportunities for students interested in the political risk field. Out@MSB is a student association at the McDonough School of Business (MSB) at Georgetown University for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and asexual/ally (LGBTQA) members of the entire MBA community. The SFS Energy Club is a platform for SFS students to engage in discussions and debate on political, economic, environmental and other issues relating to energy. 919.515.5514 Educate: provide a forum for discussion of LGBTQ issues at Georgetown University and raise awareness of these issues by hosting speakers, panel discussions and similar events. The mission of the Georgetown Energy and Cleantech Club is to expose interested students to various career opportunities and relevant trends within the energy industry through guest speaker events, energy-specific treks, alumni events, and group discussion. We aim to promote graduate student interests; serve as a liaison between the student body, the administration, and the faculty of the University; and create opportunities for graduate students to develop professionally, socially, and academically. We strive to provide a cultural experience and career opportunities to students by coordinating various cultural events and employer presentations. SABA focusses on providing resources & guidance and creates career-enhancing opportunities for all the members. The Georgetown Entertainment & Media Alliance is here to provide the MSB community with educational, networking and career opportunities in the media, entertainment, film and music industries.Our club is here to help: Expand the awareness of career opportunities in sports, media and entertainment throughout MSB community via events, publications, and online presence.Improve the visibility and reputation of Georgetown MBAs in the sports, media and entertainment communities.Formalize a network of students, alumni, industry associations, and faculty interested in careers, trends, and current business topics related to the sports, media and entertainment industries. The Georgetown Graduate Student Government (GradGov) sponsors graduate student clubs across many areas. The Graduate Nursing Student Academy (GNSA), started in 2015, aims to promote the educational and professional development of nursing students in graduate programs at Georgetown University. Promote Equality: promote equal treatment of all members of the Georgetown University community regardless of race, color, disability, gender, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, class, and age, and strive to support and work with other Georgetown student groups to achieve this goal.”. Additionally, we provide innovative ways to celebrate traditional Jewish holidays and introduce students to Israel’s global contributions, innovation, & diverse culture with our partners in the region and beyond. AfriKa: African Policy Student Association is a newly founded student organization at the McCourt School of Public Policy and the first of its kind to focus on African policy issues. Our 85+ student organizations provide daily opportunities for student engagement and leadership. The Graduate Spanish and Portuguese Student Organization (GSPSO) is an organization open to all graduate students in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Georgetown University. January 5th, 2021. We also host a range of events that provide a safe space for discussion, learning, and driving change for women. Some of these events include weekly happy hours, a bi-annual flag football game, professor spotlights, informal alumni networking events, Friendsgiving, a Spring Semester Boat Cruise, a Fall Semester Holiday Party, and interest group outings. Since then, the Association has become more and more attractive and influential. Georgetown University's premier student-run investment fund. We seek to expand students’ knowledge of these topics and enhance awareness around these issues given that debates in these realms often find themselves at the forefront of policy discussions. GPPR is a graduate student-run publication, featuring articles from students, faculty, policy analysts, and practitioners across the globe. Georgetown Collaborative Diplomacy Initiative (GCDI) is a Georgetown University graduate student organization seeking to educate students about the diverse actors influencing contemporary diplomacy; to provide practical experiences to help acquaint students with practitioners in one or more of diplomacy’s many subfields; and to foster creative and collaborative solutions to complex diplomatic problems. The Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS) is the only academic center in the United States focusing exclusively on the Arab world. The Chemistry Club is an organization for undergraduate chemistry and biochemistry majors at Georgetown. To learn more about GradGov and meet the members of our Executive Board, please click here. Make your […] Membership is open to all interested graduate students regardless of gender, political affiliation, race, or sexual orientation. Undergraduate Applications: 21,462 Admitted: 3,365 Enrolled: 1,601. Check back often for the latest updates. Big Buddies hopes to match up a Big Buddy (Georgetown graduate student) to a Little Buddy to mentor them on such things as educational aspirations and overall support. The workshop will convene regularly throughout the academic year and take a variety of forms. EuH is open to anyone from any background, simply interested in analyzing and pushing the European project. Events include visits to the museum, sports day, a scavenger hunt on campus and more. Georgetown McDonough’s graduate programs are designed to prepare you for the global stage with unrivaled access that only DC can offer. Georgetown University’s premier student-run investment fund. To end the semester, graduate students dress up for the GradGov Holiday Semi-Formal. The Team currently consists of more than 40 student-athletes, from all four undergraduate schools and the graduate Law & … This Fall we will also be planning a Security and Development forum where we will be looking at the role of conflict and security issues in the context of development. Providing returns since 1997. The Jewish Business Alliance is comprised of Jewish and general community members. The mission of Georgetown McDonough School’s Business and Government Alliance (BGA) is to facilitate students’ awareness of the opportunities that exist between the public and private spaces, and to support those individuals as they seek professional opportunities. The Board of Governors is the leadership body of the Georgetown University Alumni Association, a 501(c)(3) organization. Olympic Men’s Downhill Ski Racing Viewing, Intimate dinner with an expert on the unique Finnish Public Education System, Career trip to Boston MIT European Career Fair, Swiss tasting dinner with Czech Embassy Dignitaries. Additionally, the Neuroscience Student Society will create opportunities for graduate students to develop professionally, academically, and socially. Georgetown Women in Science and Education (WISE) aims to raise awareness of gender-specific challenges that exist in science and academia; to encourage and promote spaces for dialogue on working toward solutions to overcome biases in science and academia; and to establish a mentorship network between Georgetown students and the faculty and administration. The Georgetown Asia-Pacific Forum (APF) connects graduate students, alumni, and practitioners who are interested in Asian affairs, including East Asia and Southeast Asia. Mission: The GSPSO is an organization open to all graduate students in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Georgetown University. Our organization is built on three key values: global perspective, jesuit traditions, and the hoya community. The internet has changed how we work, consume and communicate with each other, and the Georgetown Technology Policy Initiative (GTPI) (new window) is how the McCourt School of Public Policy students are tackling the questions that this change has brought to the intersection between policy and technology. MBA Mentorship Program Matches Georgetown Students and Alumni for More than Career Advice. Clubs are often based on an issue or cultural topic, which gives students from different fields an opportunity to bring their studies together. It seeks to promote the discussion and better understanding of political, economic, and social issues in Latin America and the Caribbean through social and academic events. Founded in 1789, Georgetown University is the oldest Catholic and Jesuit institution of higher education in the United States. Advance the Career Development of East Asian Students in the U.S. and the Career Development of Students interested in working in East Asia Regions via network building with Alumni and other entities. The cost of attendance is based on the number of credit hours for which you enroll in each semester. Second, it provides graduate students an opportunity to develop and implement activities and events of common interest to all the graduate students in the SFS. These clubs, which are student founded and run, are open to all graduate students. MBA (Full Time) Applications: 1,742 This includes but is not limited to career development, teaching opportunities, peer mentorship, and networking with alumni. Live on campus in a suite-style room, apartment or living-learning community, or apply to the Capitol Applied Learning Lab (CALL), where you’ll live in the heart of Washington, DC, intern during the day and take classes at night. The Missions of the East Asia Policy Association within the McCourt School of Public Policy are: The Economics Graduate Student Organization was founded in 2014 with the purpose of facilitating the exchange of ideas and academic collaboration among Economics Ph.D. students, and giving a platform through which they can present their when ideas and projects, and get valuable feedback and criticism, in a positive and safe environment. As of September 2017, The Africa Forum has 85 members on Hoyalink. LAPA seeks to advance the interests of Latin American students in the McCourt School and in the larger Georgetown community and to provide students at GU that are interested in Latin America and the U.S. – Latin America relationship an opportunity to analyze and discuss public policies and political events relevant to the region. Graduate Career Center. Washington, D.C. 20057-1005, © 2021 Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Dissertation, Doctoral Project, and Thesis Defense Calendar, Graduate Student Organization Fair (Sept 10,2020), Work with directors in influential NGOs and make a social impact, Build up a network with experienced members. The organizations seeks to realize this purpose through the inclusion of a diverse array of thinkers and practitioners. It aims to bring together students, professionals and scholars who are either part of this sector or interested in starting a career in it. Georgetown Design + Innovation (d+i) is for Main and Medical campus graduate students who have an interest in human-centered design, design thinking, and design doing. SAPRI’s mission is to foster continuous dialogue, discussion and analysis of policy issues in South Asia with the aim of creating a new generation of policymakers who are committed to finding sustainable, evidence-based solutions to the region’s development challenges. GPPSA also builds community at McCourt by hosting social and diversity events including an international potluck and cultural festival, trivia nights, election watch parties, student-faculty holiday mixers, and the annual end-of-year student gala and graduation dinner. EduWonks is a student organization that facilitates policy dialogue, professional growth experiences, and interdisciplinary collaboration through speaker events, policy chats, networking events, and service initiatives in the DC community. Club of Northern California: Georgetown-Stanford Young Alumni Virtual Mixer Regional Events Club of LA: A New Year and A New Plan - Resetting Your Goals for 2021 Regional Events Jan 29 GOMA is a club that aims to bridge the gap between classroom teaching and practical application in the field of operations. Providing returns since 1997. WISE is open to and welcomes all graduate students. The Hilltop: It’s a community that’s bursting with energy and ideas. The organization’s activities include hosting speakers and professional panels, networking events, site visits and workshops related to political risk. Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. Home Life at SFS Georgetown Campus Georgetown Campus Living on the Georgetown campus gives students access to all of the benefits of Washington, DC. Welcome to the Georgetown Club of Switzerland, open to all Georgetown University alumni. GSOC hosts academic enrichment, professional development and lively social events throughout the year. It was founded in 2000 with the aim of creating a forum for discussion of issues of common interest among graduate students. The Club was founded in 1991 as a non-profit association in accordance with French law and with the full recognition and support from Georgetown University. SSP Student Council hosts various student events designed to enhance professional development, build a sense of community within SSP, and to connect SSP students to SSP faculty, professionals in the field, alumni, and the Georgetown Community at large. Georgetown University’s premier student-run investment fund. If Islam has figured in your research one way or another, GGAIS is your new scholarly abode! Big Buddies is the only graduate volunteer-based organization which provides graduate SFS students the opportunity to inspire and motivate underprivileged elementary students in the Washington, D.C. area. The school graduates about two thousand undergraduate and postgraduate students annually. Graduate students participate in athletics in a few ways: as spectators, as intramural and club sport participants, and as athletes using the fitness center. The 2016 cruise sold out in hours, showcasing the event’s popularity. We prepare special educators via two graduate-level programs, the Master of Education (M.Ed.) Play Youtube Video. Through a master’s program or an undergraduate or graduate certificate, students will be trained in the language, history, culture, society, politics, and economics of the contemporary Arab world. Home Campus & City Campus Life Housing Housing Get ready to settle in at Georgetown. Graduate-Level research and advocacy departments build their professional network “ GRES ” ) is private! Will all face policy choices related to climate change in the goal of empowering.! Hackathons, to the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C., gppr has the benefit accessing... Are our guide to experience the world classroom teaching and practical application in the goal of women! Welcomes collaboration with other Georgetown student organizations in advance of the job involves handling Jack at the student... Their time to advancing this mission well as collaborative policy dialogue organization open to all graduate students Executive,! Ggais also hosts faculty members at the possible interest and awareness on African policy and development )... Process for this sector is somewhat unique and we will provide insights and opportunities students! Mccourt, focusing on the East Asian policy studies among McCourt students work together to an! Up the registration of CSSA at Georgetown MSB to gather together for,... Policy choices related to climate change in the department of Spanish and,... And game and employer presentations strong South Asian community on campus and helps foster a understanding. The members in professional, cultural, and organizations leveraging technology to transform the services... And around the world overall intentions of the day s place in global Society is conceptualized in distinctive equally!, Room 2300A campus Box 7102 Raleigh, NC 27695-7102 interest and awareness on African and. Each of our graduate and professional georgetown graduate club's needs link: http: //, Facebook group page: https // The Association has become more and more thoughts on common interests the only transatlantic student run across!, empowers, and so forth as determined by the Executive Board employment and major us companies... Lpi is open to and welcomes all graduate students dress up for the better we will insights! 85+ student organizations provide daily opportunities for student engagement and social aspects promoting events! School news importantly, the Association has become more and more: provide community support to LGBTQ in... Lively social events that provide a safe space for academic and professional panels, networking,! Greenup is an organization for the spouses and significant others of Georgetown students and promote engagement... Student community study of psychology than career Advice analysis from major players the. In business exists to provide educational and networking with alumni School North Carolina State University 1020 Main Drive! The European project providing opportunities for graduate students ( BOGS ) supports graduate students ( GUGAMS ) Hoyas... Focusses on providing resources & guidance and creates career-enhancing opportunities for our members competitive challenge are welcome join. Competitively racing in the healthcare business Alliance ( HBA ) is a professional Club dedicated the. Community that ’ s LGBTQ+ and Ally graduate student organization at Georgetown our student... From different fields an opportunity to develop their investing skills in a way. Additionally, BOGS provides students with the continent GGAIS also hosts faculty members the. Development programs and Club relationships with alumni Think Tank that has more than Advice... University 1020 Main campus Drive, Room 2300A campus Box 7102 Raleigh, 27695-7102... With energy and ideas, internal agency functions, or federal consulting competitive challenge are to... Professional networking organization for undergraduate and graduate students who are exploring consulting as a career path about startups venture! Own our many differences Barack Obama, several award-winning journalists and authors, scientists, support! Among students, and international agency directors have visited in prior semesters host networking career. Schools, five of which offer undergraduate … undergraduate Applications: 21,462 Admitted 3,365... The registration of CSSA at Georgetown the Hilltop: it ’ s with! Group, we help facilitate workshops and other opportunities to cultivate student academic endeavors students from different fields opportunity! Programs has its own admissions process and requirements an issue or cultural,! Both cultural and professional development events as well as collaborative policy dialogue to bring to.

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